portfolios & artist’s books

2017 Biblioteca Castiglion Fiorentino and Elvira's Library Perugia, Italy
2014 Nature's Writing Desk
2009 Rhizomes text appropriated from A Thousand Plateaus includes a map of Berkeley's watershed tributaries
2008 Between Cedar & Vine limited edition, digitally printed hand-made accordion book and tarot deck
2006 Women Nature & Time blueprint photographs on handmade papers, unique book
2003-2005   In/Visible Cosmos pinhole and sun-printed photograms on p.o.p paper, unique work
2002 Between Cedar & Vine limited edition hand-bound,digital book
Walking in the City limited edition of gelatin-silver prints
2001 Like an Onion unique book of vandyke brown silver-sun prints on torinoko gampi paper
1998-2002 One Sun, One Apple, One Day unique series of vandyke brown silver-sun photograms
1998-2000 Empty Bottles limited edition of gelatin-silver photograms
1999 Leaves limited edition of vandyke brown silver-sun prints on torinoko gampi paper
1998 Between Cedar & Vine unique xerox spiral bound book on vellum
1997 Fleurs de Nuit unique book of cyanotype photograms on kozo gasen paper
1997 Lantern Light unique book of vandyke brown photograms on kizukishi paper
1993 Egypt limited edition book of 20 gelatin-silver prints, coptically sewn over papyrus boards

books, articles, reviews and interviews

2016Nature as Discourse: A Co-evolutionary Systems Approach to Art and Environmental Design
2016Equipoise philosophical and epistemological questions the medium of photography lays before us
2014Wall Street Journal "This Extraordinary Nexus of Talent" Santa Fe is an unlikely center for photography, by William Meyers
2012Rockport Publishers 2012 / Quarry Books 1000 Artist' Books edited by Sandra Salamony, Peter and Dona Thomas
2012Leonardo Journal The Harrisons: Talking & Remembering P. Selz/S.Hays Feb 2012 Vol. 45 Issue 1: Cover pages 9-16
2011Trioctave Editions Harmonics of Unity Interview with Peter Selz and Terry Lindahl Berkeley, California pages 1-27
2010Parabola: Love—Vol. 35 : Number 1—Feb; 2010 Images with text by James Opie pages 85-86
2009Works & Conversations Issue No. 18 Portfolio pages 16-19
2008Orion Magazine November/December Issue. Cover Image
East Bay Express Nature Word: ...the world in an unworldly light by DeWitt Cheng Sept. 24
San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Datebook Nature Word~Verbe Nature Sept. 14 page 47
2007The Generosity of Stars by Barbara Berman, Finishing Line Press, Kentucky 2007
2004Black & White Spotlight: Susannah Hays by Heather Snider, July/August issue, pages 102-105
Parabola Web of Life Summer Vol. 29:1, Portfolio with Bahauddin text; pages 26-31
Investigations & Icons: Arts and Science Curriculum Mary Faria, San Francisco State University
2003Images of Earth & Spirit edited by J. Lane and S. Kumar, Green Books, Devon, England, p. 144-145
Paper Works Quarterly Cyanotype: A Blueprint of Life by L. Young; Vol. 3:3 Spring, p. 4-8
Pasatiempo June 13-19, Photo-Eye Gallery Cameraless Image review, Santa Fe, NM
Matrix Take me Home excerpts from Between Cedar & Vine, issue #64 Montreal Quebec
Artweek [re]Readings: Artists’ Books Now at Gallery Lux page 17 March vol. 34. Issue 2
The Ampersand Book Arts Journal; Vol. 20; No. 3 & 4: Revealing the Mysteries page 23
Resurgence Magazine Art & Science Interview, January/February Issue No. 216 Devon, England
2002San Francisco Chronicle Neglected Victorian Garden Blooms Anew Sept. 7 pages E2-4
Artweek Susannah Hays at Scott Nichols Gallery page 13-14; July/August vol. 33, Issue 6
Interview Mary Faria Oct. 10 for MA Thesis in Art Education, SF State University
Parabola The Ego & the “ I ”—Vol. 27-1 February; pages 39 & 46-47
U.C. Berkeley Townsend Center for the Humanities Curatorial essay: Everyday Constellations by Jeannene Przyblyski
2001Parabola Light—Vol. 26-2—May; 2001 Portfolio: Visible Vessels pages 1 & 88-93
Berkeley Science Review Journal: Feature Through the Looking Glass pages 24-31
Parabola The Garden Vol. 26—Feb; Illustration, page 36
1999The Ampersand Book Arts Journal Susannah Hays Bookwork Vol. 17; No. 3 & 4
1997Journal of Artists’ Books: review Science Imagined: A Review by Ruth McGurk Spring 1997; No. 7 pages 30-31
1997Koob Stra Coptic & Collage Center for the Book, New York Spring 1997; Number 17
1994Hills Publications A Compelling Image of Egypt March 10, 1994; page 11


2016Nature As Discourse: A Co-Evolutionary Systems Approach to Art and Evironmental Design by Susannah Hays
2009In/Visible Cosmos Monograph Susannah Hays (pending) essay Embodied Camera by John Rapko
2007Zero In Zero Out catalog of San Francisco Art Institute Artist’s Bookwork
2003Generative Art International Conference In/Visible Cosmos Politecnico di Milano University
2002Between Cedar & Vine Masters Thesis in Design, Visual Studies, College of Environmental Design
19995FR 18· The Neighborhood: Cadence of the Numerous Between Cedar & Vine
1996Science Imagined Berkeley Art Center, Foreword Essay on Art & Science in the Artist’s Book

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