Transdisciplinary Seminar
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nasturtium leaf, 2001 gold-toned sunprint

nasturtium leaf, 2001 gold-toned sunprint

smilax root cross section, 2001 gold-toned sunprint

smilax root cross section, 2001 gold-toned sunprint

One Sun , concertina vandyke brown silver-sun prints

One Sun, concertina vandyke brown silver-sun prints

Nature’s Discourse*


As biosphere, earth, and humanity formed, biological life digestively refined and transpired to solar realms

HUMANS, having emerged and arisen by way of co-evolutionary processes conserved in phenomena, are today neocortically fit to process information through the instincts of science, art, and religion. Biologically, refining and reblending energy relative to mass is the axis on which the natural sciences and humanities are coalescing, where a more confident understanding of human functioning will transcend synthetic metaphysics. 

The following affirmation declares humanity's role in sustaining this critical phase of co-evolutionary processes. 

Over the past two centuries, proponents of taxonomical classification have assimilated an objective understanding of naturally complex adaptive systems. Arcing from Hermetic perceptiveness, Greek rationality to Modern epistemology, human somatic moving-motive-mental brains are evolving toward completing the gradient of galactic, solar, and biospheric reciprocities. And, with its unique properties of psychic energies, human brain/body cognition sits exigently at the crux of fulfilling the earth’s biological experience. Our participation is being signaled to fructify this potential.

At the edge of human biological transmutation, finer vibration rates normalize the entropy of biological existence.  Specifically, autonomic-neural processes–refined by way of three nutrients: minerals, air, and impressions–adapt finer vibration rates of thought and sensation.  Such intrinsic guiding principles acknowledge that humans obtain knowledge and experientially process coarse somatic sensations in order that latent capacities may viscerally regulate the finer vibrations of our psychic organs, namely: self-awareness, attention, intention, impartial conscience and objective reason.

Atomic, homologously evolved, humans, like any other species, refine information reciprocally.  The equation reads thus: The movement of mass by energy, relative to the shaping of energy by mass, normalizes the entropy of existence relative to the intropy of experience.  In spirit, religion is potentially re-cognized as the embodied transpiration of our biological experience toward solar realms.

Human somatic endeavors require a reciprocally based education to experientially evolve our psychic organs.


*This semester long course corresponds with I=E Institute and Harold Terry Lindahl’s 2017 treatise and art exhibition: “The Harmonics of Unity” and Susannah Hays 2016 dissertation: “Nature as Discourse: A Co-evolutionary Systems Approach to Art and Environmental Design”

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